N-Mak Crushers

Our N-MAK  Crushers with a heavy-duty body construction can crush all kinds of material ranging from soft limestone to hardest basalt.

Nexon Group provides different types of crushers  as mentioned bellow :

  • N-MAK  Jaw Crusher

  • N-MAK Primary Impact Crusher 

  • N-MAK Secondary Impact Crusher

  • N-MAK Tertiary Crusher

  • N-MAK Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher

All the designs are made by our professional and educated employees conscientiously.

Our company is able to assist its costumers in each crushing plant solution from beginning till employee training to ensure a full solution service and 


N-MAK  UVS Type Vibrating Screens

Vibrating mechanism is installed on the top of the screen which allows larger space between decks in order to change meshes more easily.

N-MAK MVS Type Screens

Vibrating mechanism is installed in the middle of the screen which allows better performance if the screen has more than three decks

N-MAK Grizzly Screens

N-MAK Grizzly Screen for any classification in primary. For pre-screening before crushing and for eliminating the smaller dirty, muddy or clayey products. It combines high efficiency, low maintenance and economic operation cost. N-MAK grizzly screens are robust, linear-motion screens designed for heavy-duty scalping, and the removal of fines from the feed before primary crushing. These screens are ideal for tough primary screening of blasted rock, ripped rock and gravel with a high fines content. Having as Advantages: • Double shaft mechanism generates a linear stroke that results in better feeding • Versatile adjustment possibilities ensure optimum screening performance • High acceleration keeps the grizzly section clean

N-Mak Truck Mixers

N-MAK  Transmixers  are  the result of experience gained over years  accompanied by continous advancement and optimization. They incorporate the know-how from a production using last Technologies in the field .  

N-MAK  Transmixers are characterized by low-maintenance machinery technology in a modern design, simple handling, cost minimising in maintenance and service, efficiency and excellent cost effectiveness.and are the only to be designed with cover to avoid the was tog concrete during transportation .

Concrete truck mixer also called concrete mixing transport trucks deliver concrete to job sites where large pour volume are required. And concrete mixer truck 2-12cbm is designed front and rear pedestals that weigh less and increase mixers load capacity by NEXON GROUP.


After years of digestion and absorption of advanced technology, based on the technical improvements of the concrete mixing truck, we have developed this series of high quality concrete Mixing truck.

It includes mainly 5 types:  2m3, 8m3, 9m3, 10m3, 12m3.


N-MAK Mining Washers

​Our N-MAK washing plants are designed between 0.25 - 10 mm mines and sand in high capacity and to clear in high quality and for dewatering.   Advantages of our Mining Washers: 
• High capacity washing and cleaning • Low humidity obtaining product. • Maintenance and repair parts for easy access • Adjustable speed transfer • Long-lasting bearing system • Low spare parts and maintenance costs
 N-MAK Spiral Washers 
Spiral Washers grounded in dust and foreign particles constitute a group of materials with products that are used to separate them. Varieties are available for the purpose. Call us for Spiral Washers price! We produce washers following a high-quality standard.

 N-MAK Bucket Washers

Bucket Washers are designed the quality of the sand washer cleans the clay in the sand to maximize. With low power consumption and making water savings they provide advantages to the user. Due to the simple structure has the ease of installation.  General Features: • Simple structure • Saving on water • Low power consumption • Ease of installation 
Optional Features:  Frequency converter - Energy sourcing 


Our Conveyor Belts are manufactured using polyester – polyamide (nylon) fabric plies and rubber covers conforming to DIN 221 02.


These belts are ideal for bulk handling a wide range of heavy and abrasive materials successfully catering to various industries;


quarry, stone crushing & screening, cement & process, mining, ports, ready-mixed concrete, sand washing, asphalt, organic fertilizer, chemical fertilizer and many more.

WE are able to produce  following your needs with no limiting capacity or lenght ,we provide different type of convoyers as : 

  • N-MAK Land Conveyor

  • N-MAK Jump Conveyor 

  • N-MAK Loading Conveyor

  • N-MAK Horizontal Conveyor

N-MAK weighing system(aggregate hoppers, conveyor belt) 
bant (3).png

Quatrial weighing hoppers system Details: 

  • All bunker/hoppers thickness 6 mm

  • Covers are removable

  • Conveyor belt chassis 4 mm bending sheet

  •  Reducer Italian ZET Brand ‘apukle’.

  • Air piston.

  • Conveyor belt rubber EP125 5 layers 12 mm

  • Piston and Loadcell included.


Triple bin hopper weighing system Details:  

  •  All bunker/hoppers thickness 4 mm

  • Covers are removable

  • Conveyor belt chassis 4 mm bending sheet

  • Reducer Italian ZET Brand apukle

  •  Air piston

  • 200-liter compressor

  • Manual piston adjustment

  • Piston and Loadcell included.